What´s a bigger challenge, than writing an introduction about myself on a website dedicated to define what the self is and what it is not. Oh the irony!! 

The most accurate thing would be to say, that I am.
Whatever definition would follow, it would be - and is - a limitation. So, accuracy aside, here are some facts.

My name is Flora, I am 39 years old. I live with my husband, daughter, a very small dog and a not very small cat in the Netherlands. I was born in Hungary, but I lived in many different places. My father is an artist, my stepfather is a scientist and my mother is an engeneer and she was also protocol manager. My mom is a joyful, very deeply loving being who is very close to my heart. Through my upbringing, I have had something to deal with from many different worlds. I studied theater, worked in graphic design and marketing for years, then I finished a master course studying photography and learned some long forgotten photographic techniques from the 18th century. Self expression and art have been very important to me all my life. As a child I wanted to be an actress, I always loved the theatre. I sing when I have a chance. I love to improvise. I speak six languages fluently and some others on lower levels. I love different languages, they tell so much about the culture and way of thinking of the people speaking them. I love to cook and bake cookies and other sweets. I deal with the day by day stuff just like anybody else and I find great support in my family. I appreciate very much their patience with me. My husband and daughter both are of great help and inspiration in my work. I am grateful for my life the way it is.

 I was introduced to the esoteric world by a dear friend, Kaljopi. She was the one who helped me to open my eyes for the first bits of my truth, who helped me to make my first baby steps on my path. I am eternally grateful to her for that. My spiritual evolution went through many stages where I have learned about many different aspects of myself and the world.  I cannot say that it was easy for me to accept my calling to help people in their spiritual growth. I lived in denial about it for long years, desperately trying to blend in and be “normal”. But eventually the calling got stronger than the denial, so here I am, speaking my truth. It makes me happy to pursue this path because I feel I have found my purpose through it. 

So, hello friend. Nice to meet you. Let´s get to work.