What the World needs

It is a mistake to think that the world needs leaders. 
Those who will tell us how to make things right. 
With all certainty, it´s not what we need. 

The world needs conscious and responsible people. A grown up way of thinking and treating things. 
We don't need anyone to tell us whats right and whats wrong because we already know that. We have a built in compass for that, we are born knowing the difference. What we need, is to get our motivations clear. Our goals, our real needs. We need to clearly decide what we want and act accordingly.
We can´t go on acting blind, deaf and mute, as if destroying our own world was just a mere byproduct of our otherwise mindless actions. Pointing fingers at each other as if there was anyone to blame, anyone else behind it all, other than us. We are doing this. And its us who can stop this.