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I have been working with these topics for years now, helping in spiritually, philosophically themed groups, giving counsel and advise on individual level, giving readings or interpreting dreams, and from each experience I have come out richer. Each person I have helped thought me a lesson. I increasingly felt the need to talk about these things, but I never really found the courage to do so, and I so I kept finding excuses why not to step up. "Nobody would care.", "It´s too different”, “All I will find is resistance.", "It is too time consuming.", "People will label me as crazy." "They will laugh at me" "Nobody would listen anyways.", etc. But eventually I realized that the more I run from it the more the pressure of the need to express it builds up in me. So at some point I have decided to accept my calling and stand up for it. I made this group and this website, because I wanted to create a platform where we can talk about these things. Where we can share our knowledge, our experiences and build something from it. We must come to a common ground to build upon. And we must do it together. For that, we need to agree upon ideas about ourselves and gain understanding of who we are, what we are, how our reality works. I intend to share what I know and to learn from what you know. Because it is the way it is meant to be. This is why we have individual experiences, so we can learn from and through each other. But it has to be an active conversation. I´ve seen too many groups sharing nice quotes and pictures that even if they provoke thoughts - they don't invite people to participate. I think we need to question things. The more questions we have, the better. Questions until things make sense to us personally. That way it will be our own truth, not a belief we adapt from somebody else. I think it´s time for this to happen. It will make a huge difference in many ways. I share my truth. Your task is to question it. See if it matches yours. If not, lets see why not. Maybe I can learn something from you. Maybe you can discover something about yourself. This will only happen if we openly talk about it. Lets see where this leads us. Come, join, share, learn, teach. You are invited and welcome!  

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