What the World needs

It is a mistake to think that the world needs leaders. 
Those who will tell us how to make things right. 
With all certainty, it´s not what we need. 

The world needs conscious and responsible people. A grown up way of thinking and treating things. 
We don't need anyone to tell us whats right and whats wrong because we already know that. We have a built in compass for that, we are born knowing the difference. What we need, is to get our motivations clear. Our goals, our real needs. We need to clearly decide what we want and act accordingly.
We can´t go on acting blind, deaf and mute, as if destroying our own world was just a mere byproduct of our otherwise mindless actions. Pointing fingers at each other as if there was anyone to blame, anyone else behind it all, other than us. We are doing this. And its us who can stop this. 

 The question to decide in the very first place is WHAT we want to do with our existence. With our environment. With our life. 

Should we choose to throw it all away? Not a problem, we can. If that´s a conscious choice, it is, according to universal laws a legitimate one. We have the means to do it, and by now we sure know how to do it. If this has to be an act of mass suicide, so be it.  But call it what it is. Let it be no mistake or misunderstanding. If that is a conscious collective decision of humanity, I rest my case. 

Life is not an obligation. Life is a gift. This planet, we have the privilege to live on - is a gift. An opportunity to create something wonderful. Or not.

So lets cut the crap. Stop the drama and speak up. 

You don't want it? Well then, alright. Go on and destroy it. Step on it. Shit on it. Act, like the ungrateful child you are. Shout that you want more and tear what you have into pieces. You know you can. We all know we can. And why? Because pointing fingers is easier. Because we think our suffering has a higher meaning. Because we want to get away with it and blame others. But no. 

Our suffering is self inflicted, we are solely responsible for our own misery. 
Should we destroy ourselves, no one will feel sorry for us. 

So, alright. If that is our common will, I submit to it. But I demand at least the decency to make it a conscious decision. I want it in clear text. 

“We, humanity have decided to destroy our planet and our existence on it.”

I want you, who are reading this to sign it with your name. That way at least I will know that we know what we are doing. Even if it´s madness. Even is every cell of my body tells me its not right. That way at least we go with integrity. 

But should you, by any chance decide otherwise, should you recognise the value of this gift you are holding in your hands, should you happen to have other ideas: Now is the time to speak up. 

We still can set our goals straight. We still can use our talents, powers, creativity, money, energy, good will and ideas for building, instead of destroying. 
Nobody will come to fix it. Don't bother waiting. You are already here to fix it. We all are. Only we can. It is needed and it is enough.  
What the world needs, is conscious, responsible, people. Able to think and feel for themselves. People who care. Who are willing to help. People who are willing to be what they are meant to be, because they wake to understand their importance and place in the whole of humanity. People who accept and embrace themselves regardless of what they are told by a corrupt self destroying system.  

It is in your hands. In our hands. It has always been, but never before were we so close to the edge. We have to make up our minds and make a conscious choice. If we want to give up, we can do that. 

If we want to fix it and thrive, we can do that too. There are so many already, who are showing us new ways to get inspiration from to do it. We will learn how. We will recognise how. But first, we are to make a decision.    

May we be careful. 

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