The spiritual path

Your spiritual path, if its a real one, will always lead you back to-, and through yourself. So if you are looking for self-avoidance in any way, if you only ever are willing to see the positive and ignore the negative, if you go into meditation in order to escape from this world, if you want to pretend to be different of how you really deeply see yourself, please know you are not on a spiritual path, but on a self-avoidance path. That light is false light.   It´s misleading and thus dangerous, so be warned and feel invited.

Let us know when you are ready for the real deal. The real spiritual path will lead you right in the middle of the storms of your soul, right to your biggest and most feared demons. Where you normally don't want to be, but where you - like it or not - ARE to be. It will make you fight the battles you would rather like to hide from. It will force you to deal with your unresolved issues. But also, it holds the one and only chance for your redemption. You must face these things, because hiding from them doesn't make them disappear anyway, it only makes them stronger. You must resolve them because its the only way to take back your control over your own life. Its the only way to stop them from ruling it, making your choices for you, making you into their puppet. You must take over the control and yes, also the responsibility for your own choices.

Avoiding this confrontation, burying your monsters alive will make them haunt you. They will likely keep you living in fear and depression. Fear that they might appear again. Fear of the pain they might cause. Fear they will make you loose the little control over your emotions you have. Fear that your unhealed wound will start to bleed and ache again - more than they already ache now. That you loose the numbness you have developed and perfected over the years and make you feel again. This fear in return feeds them and makes them stronger, strangling you till you either choose to get out and die or you stand up for yourself and stop them. There is no middle-ground and there is no real place to hide. You were born into this battlefield, into a war that is going on. You are the ultimate hero of it too. The hero of your story. Any point of a sphere can be - and is - its centre. You have a mission to accomplish here. A purpose. A task you - and only you - can complete. You already know what it is, you have known it all your life. You know, that thing you have been so busy making up excuses why not to do? Yeah, that one.

The rest of us are all waiting for you. In the meantime we have our own share of work to do, our own shit to deal with. Because we, just like you, do have our purpose too. We all long for it. We all secretly know its there somewhere. We all (or most of us, because some are braver than others) make excuses why not to do it. We are afraid of it just like you are. But the thing is, that unless we start putting things into their rightful place, unless we ALL get started filling our sacred purpose in this world, unless we all take our rightful places in the whole and by that re-establish real order - this world will keep spiralling down into the wrong direction.

It can be fixed you see. Stop trying to avoid. Stop trying to run from negativity. Face it, make sense of it. Stop the false positivity if it has no place. Be true. Honest. Does it hurt? Good. It means it´s working. Congratulations, you are alive! If you seek bliss, I assure you, you will find bliss in truth. In freedom. Find love in yourself - for your true self. Forget how you want to be, how you think you should be, how others dictate you to be. Here´s a secret: They don't really care. Not as much you think they do. Not nearly as much as you do. Look at yourself as you truly are. Learn to see and appreciate your own beauty, strength, courage. Look at all you have endured already! All the things you have accomplished. Embrace what you really are. Face the voices in your head that tell you you are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough. You ARE enough, and so much more. Be proud of it.

Look at what you can give, before you seek what you can take away for yourself. Here´s another secret: there is plenty for everyone. Energy, resources, time. It is all provided. So don't worry about it, have faith. Yes, yes, I know of all the problems, the huge pile of shit we are buried under, the injustice, the political circus, the wealth in the hands of a few, I know all about it, but still. Forget this for a second. You can be happy right here and now if you are able to embrace what you are here and now. You, the warrior. The one on his or her spiritual path, even if you don't know you´re on it - you´re on it regardless. Wake up to who you are. Stop making excuses by counting your mistakes and failures, you cannot fool me. I don't buy that you are anything less than divine. But it doesn't matter what I think, what matters is what you KNOW.

Open your eyes to your true self.