I have a message for You

Dear warmhearted, loving human being.

I am writing you just to let you know that you are not alone. 

I know how much energy and hard work you spend in order to be there for others, to share your light, to ease others pain, to melt and warm their frozen hearts. 

I know the people who are more in need than you are, sometimes fail to see what you do for them, and I´m sure you know that this isn´t a chosen blindness. 
Nevertheless it´s blindness and I know sometimes it hurts you. 

I know it hurts when people are unable to see you for what you are, when they see their own projections in you and treat you wrong.


All the things you´ve done that haven't been thanked for, because people failed to see them - are still deeds of light. This might not seem much, but I would like to thank you for those. I may not even know you, but you are making my world a warmer, lighter place. You help me, so I can help others. We are all together in this, even though I know you oftentimes feel alone and lonely. I know that the darkness is hurting you and I know that sometimes you feel weak, and I know that sometimes you feel you´ve had enough and wish to fly away.
I know that oftentimes you long to finally get home. I am here to tell you that you ARE home. The light you are giving is a seed in every humans heart, that will sooner or later start to germinate and bloom. You may not be aware of the importance of your work just yet, because darkness is loudly and obscenely present and seems to be all over the place. But there is a silent revolution going on beneath the surface that is bringing light back to people. It is growing, slowly in the heart of each person you have ever touched, helped to, gave your support to. It is vital that you know that there are people you can turn to too. You don't have to be strong all the time, you don't have to know all the answers, your weakness and pain is there to be dealt with and there is help for each and everyone of us here.

If I have one calling in this life, it is to let you know that I Love you, I Care for you and I am very Grateful for all the hard work you are doing. 

This is a momentum for me, in my life, and hopefully I can share this momentum with you by writing these lines down.
Please know, that bit by bit our common work is coming together. That the overpowering darkness is temporal and eventually will collapse by its own weight. That balance will be restored. That you are - just as I am, - a creature of light, and your home is within the warmth of your heart. Its the same warmth that resonates with you from others, the same warmth that connect us to each other. 
If you feel you are in need, reach out for help. Don't pull back into the isolation, don't build walls to protect the little you feel you have left, but expand into your real self instead. Feeling little doesn't mean you are little, you actually are a giant, a wonderful beacon of Love. Relax, lighten up, be weak if you need to be - we cannot be strong all the time. Find yourself back and be there for you. Acknowledge yourself, have a momentum, give yourself credit when nobody else is there to give it to you, and come to find us - others, who are helpers like you, and allow us to be there for you. 
 I am infinitely grateful that you are out there, accepting your calling, doing what you do. When light joins light the world shines brighter.

May You be blessed.