Personal truth

There is but one personal truth for each and everyone of us. 
You are to find yours, I am to find mine. No matter what we do, we consciously or unconsciously are constantly looking for it, and we can help each other finding it if we listen to each other carefully. But please note, that no one can and most certainly no one will tell you your own truth. This is essentially why you are You and I am Me.

The only thing I know for sure about your Truth, is that it will be leading you to Yourself, never driving you away from Yourself. So whoever tells you to change in particular ways, to follow them, to be any different of what you feel You are meant to be, to take roles upon yourself that dont agree with you, to take jobs you feel are killing you, please know that its not the path that will lead you to your truth. 

You can still decide to walk by those ideas, learn about how other people live, feel, learn about their truth. It can even be helpful in order to find Yours. But don't just go adopt other peoples truth as your own. Whatever other people say about you, don't just believe them blindly. Listen to them. See what bits of their truth make sense to you, what of it resonates with you, what can you build into yourself, what really agrees with you to the core - and let the rest go.

Your truth lies in the balanced connection between your mind and your soul. Your Intellect and your Intuition.

Where that, what you feel, is aligned with that, what you think. Where the path - leading from your intellect to your soul and back - is free of blockages. There you have your clarity. It is in this clarity where you can find the answers to all your questions. The truth of your own unique existence as your Self and also the truth of our coexistence as a Humanity. 

I believe the time has become ripe for us to reclaim our clarity. Reclaim, because we have given it away. We bargained it for a false, unsustainable illusion of safety, that is destroying us. 

Not symbolically. Literally. 

We willingly marched into this numb trance-like state most of us still live in. I feel, that by now many stand ready for the radical change the awakening from this trance might mean. I believe that the time of self avoidance Is over. The Self has to be acknowledged, accepted and embraced. We are to grow up and take full responsibility for our life and decisions. 

We are ready to claim our right to make mistakes. The right to fall and get back on our feet again. The right to face our fears. The right to Love. We are ready to reclaim our lives from those who are holding them hostage and to take it in our own responsible hands. The saying says that truth will set You free, and I fully subscribe to that. Once You realize Yourself and your full potential, there is no turning back to the old model of the world. No need or necessity either.

Granted, this path isn't an easy one. You are likely to encounter traps your mind will set up in your way. You are likely going to be challanged in your ways to prove your determination. Your motivations will likely be tested. You will have to brace yourself not only to face your fears but also to overcome them. Also, I think its a good idea to connect with other people battling with similar problems as you do, since we all can support each other and learn from each other. Not feeling alone can be of essential importance in times of great difficulties. And you certainly are not alone. We all go through these things, we just don't talk about it, because of fear that society would disapprove of us for doing so. We fear to seem weak and to expose ourselves. And that gives us a sometimes unbearable sense of separation. But the truth is, that we all have these feelings, we all have these moments of deep solitude, we all essentially fighting the same battles.

I deeply believe in expression, venting, shouting, cursing, crying, laughing, singing, dancing, painting, meditation, incubation, isolation if it is what´s needed - and sometimes it is -, being loud or being silent. I believe in the cleansing power of tears, art, poetry, music - anything that helps us to express our pain, sorrow, happiness, or any kind of emotion we might experience. Never repress them. Laughter helps too. Free, heartfelt laughter. Being able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Humor is a wonderful gift. Often, laughter is redemption itself.

Emotions aren't meant to stay within and clog up. They are meant to flow through you, transform you and be released. Honest, fearless expression is the only way to find the way to yourself and remove the blockages of built up repressed emotions on your way. This work is all yours to do, but know that you are not alone with it. There is help, there is guidance, there is support. There are people who care. If you need them and stay open for them, you will find them - or perhaps they will find you. 

Have a safe journey and find your way back home to yourself, so we can start to fix things around here. 
It is dearly needed.