The subconscious

The subconscious is not part of the ego, it is part of the mind.
It is our autopilot. It is not meant to process information and experiences the way the conscious mind does, it merely but consistently is executing orders. It doesn't reason, and it doesn't learn, it obeys orders and stores information. It stores our experiences in their original sensorial interpretation in form of images, sounds, smells, taste and touch. The subconscious handles these informations in two ways - associating them with the self or dissociating them from it.

These elements, combined with each other become executable programs in the subconscious. Once exposed to a given situation in a certain way, our reactive-resolution to it becomes a program within the autopilot part of the mind. This program will tell us to handle similar future situations according to the first experience. 

For example if we react with extreme fear or disgust to something - our subconscious will store that information and will illicit that experience the next time we come across a similar situation. It is as if we would re-live the original emotion, eventhough we are in a completely different situation. 

These programs cannot be unlearned, as the subconscious mind doesn't learn, it lacks the capacity of critical thinking. This is also why a childhood trauma can condition us for a lifetime. As long as the processes remains unquestioned, the programs related to them will be enabled and running, conditioning our actions, fears, hopes, tendencies, ruling over many aspects of our lives regardless of how much the conscious mind tries to fight them. It will also send impulses to the Ego, which will try it´s best to compensate, unfortunately for us - in vain.

“I don't want to, but I am doing it anyway” would be a characteristical statement to such a conditioned situation. 

We often hear that it is “just” a question of willpower to overcome these processes, but in reality they are far more powerful than our willpower will ever get to be. 

So we stand there with a problem that is rooted in a subconscious program we don´t know about, and we get labeled as weak. We are told, that we lack willpower. That we are sinners. That we have this or that disorder. That we are small and unworthy. That we don't deserve happiness. That we need assistance. That we can´t rely on ourselves, so we have to rely on something or someone that is on the outside, not within.  And we feel frustrated. And weak. And small. And guilty. And dependant. Since we don't know or understand ourselves, we believe them and accept that we have no control over ourselves. And just like that, we give that control away to those who put us down. 

The way to deal with that is by questioning. Whenever you get aware of a reaction of you, you suspect might come from the subconscious, whenever you feel you have a reaction to something comes without thinking about it, yet somehow, if you do think of it, it doesn't agree with you to the core, or feels off in any way - question it. Take the automatic reaction and raise it into your consciousness. You can look at it analytically and see where it comes from. Once understood, it can be re- or deprogrammed. There are several different simple methods to do so.

Reprogramming a subconscious reaction happens by mapping it´s components and rewireing them. Once that is done, the program will run on it´s own without being questioned by the analytical conscious mind. 

The subconscious is an asset, because without it we couldn't be able to function. It never sleeps, it gives the conscious analytical mind space by regulating vital life functions like heartbeat, digestion, breathing, etc . However it is also a tool that can be easily used to manipulate us. 

Reprogramming our subconscious mind will affect our lives and ways of acting without conscious critical processing. Certain behaviors, phobias, all kind of sexual and mental disorders, paranoia can be artificially induced by subconscious programming. 
Until we recognized that subconscious processes cannot be changed through critical analysis - because the subconscious is simply not designed to learn - we will be exposed to it and those who manipulate us through it.

Subconscious programs are relatively easy to alter once we understand how they work. Techniques like NLP, hipnosis, inquieries are simple and very effective. The tricky part is to uncover the existence and root of these processes. We are fed on a daily basis with a huge amount of information that is designed to bypass our critical mind and sink right into our subconscious, conditioning our further thinking. Mass media is full of such manipulative conditioning. The news, marketing, entertainment, you name it. Industries condition us to act in certain ways. To vote power for certain people. To buy certain products. To accept certain things as truth without questioning them. The more we let that happen; the more we consume of these programs fed to us, without ever questioning them, the more automatic our way of life will become. We loose our critical thinking on the way. We loose our human morality on the way. Our sense of right or wrong get corrupted and washed together. It makes us increasingly suggestible. The original function of the subconscious, to protect us and to enable us to function correctly gets turned against us. 

We need to learn to be vigilant of these things and start questioning our ways. To look at the intentions and motivations behind the informations we consume.  Who benefits from my behavior and how? Am I really willing to give them that power or not? Is it, -whatever it suggests me to think or do- aligned with my own conscious intentions? How does it make me feel or think about myself? Is it putting me down? Does it make me feel little, insignificant, not enough? 

Test your own control over those things. Do you feel powerless? Interesting! Why? Question it!

Please note, that this is not about pointing fingers. There is no one to blame, we all have built and serve this corrupt system together. Besides by blaming we only tie ourselves down more. So instead we ought to question our own choices and motivations. 

We need to reclaim control by uncovering the programs. Once we get conscious about them, we can resolve them, change them. That way we will no longer be exposed to it. 

it is of course not like everything is intended to manipulate you.  In fact the more you are aware of yourself; the more you know who you are, the less exposed you will be to any of these things.  

Simple fact - nobody knows you better than you do. Nobody has a better idea of what agrees with you to the core, than you do. This is why you have to walk the path of self discovery yourself. A big part of this work is to uncover and resolve beliefs, subconscious programs, ways you think about yourself through expectations of society, family, education, upbringing, religion or tradition that were in one way or another imposed and forced upon you. 

This is the most important work you will ever do, because eventually it will guide back you to your strengt, to your power and purpose.