The Mind

The mind perceives the ever changing energy that surrounds us by observing it, and creates a perception of it in our consciousness. That perception contains interpretations of all five senses, and the adherent interpretations of the illicited emotions and sensations. Then, it puts these perceptions together, placing them one after the other on a timeline and so creates a coherent story. This coherence enables us to perceive our world in a consistent way. The storyline is unidimensional. Our mind interprets the story in terms of past and future. 

The mind is the realm of the intellect. It works by analyzing, calculating, strategizing, seeking logic, reasoning, rationalizing and relativizing the story. 

It is the part of the self where our life story evolves. It perceives the changes of energy, filters it according to certain determinant aspects, observes what is collected by the filter and puts the story together. By its criterias of filtering, the mind decides what we consciously percieve as our reality and what we ignore of it. When we say we live our life, what we usually refer to, is that story.

The story of a life starts with conception and it ends with death. In other words, the story is tied to our observable physically manifested energy.   

This story has a plot. This plot will vary depending on the quality of its starting point. That point will determine all the possible choices, happenings, turns and events that the story can possibly contain.  

Our life story has an organic quality to it, it has certain flexibility, but it will always remain subject to the law of causality. Cause and effect. One thing leads to another. Things we do, choices we make in our story, have consequences we cannot escape. So even-though the story itself is “just” imagination (analyze this word for a moment: “imagination”), its effects perceivably exist and become part of our manifested reality. We can see it, we can feel it, smell it, touch it, taste it and we can also sense it.

It is this experience, that makes it real to us in emotional and intellectual terms.

Mind activity can be enhanced by substances commonly known as legal drugs, coffee, nicotine, energy drinks, and medicines designed for that purpose; or reduced by the practice of meditation, conscious breathing, substances commonly known as illegal drugs, alcohol, etc. 

I am well aware, that this is quite a complex and dense concept to behold, so I will break this topic down to see its parts one by one in my next couple of articles. 


Stay tuned! 

In the emblem of The Lightpool, the Life Story created by the Mind is represented by the Book, and the percieved reality which is the context of the Life Story aka the physical world is symbolized with the square shape.