The soul

The soul or the higher self is the realm of the intuition. It is where feelings are born. We relate to our story by our feelings. If it wasn't so, the story per se wouldn't be of much meaning to us whatsoever. When we feel a feeling, and our mind adds its logic to it, the combination results in an emotion. The emotion embedded into the current stage of a given life story, is what we commonly call a human experience.

So again:

Feeling + Logic = Emotion 
Emotion + Life story = Human Experience

However the soul is more than that. It is a bridge between the various layers of the self and the Source. It is able to communicate from bellow upwards and from above downwards by having access to all dimensions.  We are all constantly connected to Source via our higher self, we just don't realize it most of the time. From bellow upwards we communicate with Source by our requests, questions, offering and gratitude. Information from the source downwards is communicated by our soul as intuition or inspiration. If these two ways of communication are balanced, we have a stable connection. If any of those is neglected, the connection is intermitent or seemingly absent. The process or as Mihaly Csikszentmihályi calls it “The Flow” of intuitive creation in its purest state bypasses the logic of the mind, ignoring its excuses, fears and “what if”-s. It just flows through us into the creation itself. This is where inspired art, literature, music, architecture, cooking or any other creative process comes from. This is also why purely inspired creation is so risky, because it comes straight from the heart and has to be by definition brave in order to overcome the minds excuses and intents of sabotage, such as overthinking, fear of failure, procrastination, etc.  

The soul doesn´t operate within the context of time. It exists in the now and connects us with eternity. It is present and has no concept of past or future whatsoever. This is why it seems to lack logic.

As opposed to the mind that thinks, plots and strategizes; the soul knows. It knows exactly what our purpose in life is, what path to take, what to do in any given moment, to come to the best possible outcome there is.  Being at the right moment at the right time, or as by accident meeting the right people, is all doing of the intuition.

Of course the mind pretends to know better, after all, his job is to follow logic, while indeed, the choices of the intuition can often seem erratic and not at all logical. The mind is trying to protect us from things that lack logic to it. Intuition doesn't tie itself to the story, it doesn't obliges to the rules of logic. It just does what it has to do because it simply knows what it is that has to be done. It feeds from the knowing of the Source. The mind guesses. It experiments. It fills the gaps of not knowing with ideas. It is bound to logic and the story itself. It also often makes mistakes, unlike the intuition. So the mind usually plays a power-game with the soul within us. One of the ways the mind sabotages the intuition is by fear. “Don't do it, other people will laugh at you”, “Don't do it, it makes no sense” ,“Its too risky”,  “There is no way this will ever be a success” , “What if it turns out you're not as good as you think you are?”, “You should stop now and keep the good appearances”, “this is not normal”, “People will think you are crazy”, “people will think you re stupid”, “people will think this and that and he other”, “this is dangerous”, “maybe tomorrow”, “nobody will care anyways”, “I don't feel well right now”, “there are other, more important things to do” etc etc, it goes on and on. 

When the mind acts up like this and makes a lot of noise, the intuition goes gradually more and more silent. It will still function providing feelings, but it cannot fight the mind with arguments because it has only one: truth. 

And when a person denies to see the truth, there is nothing the intuition can do about it. It will still be there, latent, waiting to be discovered in silence. 

Techniques of stilling the mind are useful, because when the mind becomes still, our intuition gains its voice back and can speak its truth to us. This is how meditation. yoga, conscious breathing and many other techniques and certain substances in adequate dosage can be of help. Balance here, as in any other aspect of life, is key.  

In the emblem of the Lightpool, the Soul is symbolized with the up- and downwards pointing triangles, to represent its function of communication between the Source and the other layers of Self, and the Heart,  symbolizing the Soul as the layer of the self that feels.