In spiritual terms, a persons physically manifested sex and inner gender are two entirely different things.

Every human being encompasses both inner genders, that of the masculine and that of the feminine principle. One of these principles is usually more dominant than the other. 

The nature of the masculine principle is that of the mind dominance: ruled by logic and intellect, and the nature of the feminine principle, is that of the dominance of feelings and intuition. As mentioned before, everybody have both, just in different proportions.

The dominant inner gender principle doesn´t necessarily depends on, reflects, or determines the physically manifested sex of a person. For instance, somebody born as a woman can have a dominant inner masculine principle (and be very much logically and intellectually driven) and a person born as a man can very well have a dominant inner feminine principle (and be very intuitive). This is still independent of how they identify themselves in terms of their sex. As a person goes through his/her life story, different impulses from the environment and different experiences might influence, increase or decrease a given dominant side and even change it completely. This depends entirely on the person´s current state of personal truth

The true inner gender of a person is determined by the proportions of the two principles.

Within the context of duality, any given dominant gender has the tendency to seek its opposite dual pole, in order to establish balance and to make sense of itself within that balance by seeking out contrast. The masculine principle contrasts and balances itself with the feminine principle and vice versa. 

In many cases the sex of a person coincides with his/her dominant inner gender, but it isn´t necessarily so, and even if it is, as said before, it - as everything in the universe - is subject to constant change. The manifested sex of the body is not the decisive component in the question of inner gender dominance. It is just a reflection of an initial state.

A male person, who has a masculine dominant inner gender, might look for a female person with a feminine dominant inner gender. In optimal circumstances they will establish a perfectly balanced union and live happily ever after. Except, it is not as simple as it seems.

That same male person with that same masculine dominant inner gender might also establish a perfectly balanced union with another man with a feminine dominant inner gender. Which one he will choose is entirely up to who he loves and what his personal truth is aligned with. Personal truth is never to be questioned or judged. It is personal and unique.

Similarly, a man who has a female dominant inner gender can have a balanced union either with a woman who has a dominant male inner gender, or with a man who has a dominant male inner gender. Just like a woman, who has a dominant female inner gender can seek out and love a man or a woman who has a dominant male inner gender; as well as a woman who has a dominant male inner gender can seek out and love a man or a woman with a dominant female inner gender. From a spiritual perspective, the point is the recognition of the self in a context of contrast, not the sexual orientation itself.

As long as these principles are balanced within a couple, they will have an optimal environment to live and prosper and progress on their individual paths, living according their inner truth together. 

Inner gender balance doesn't necessarily requires a partner. Some people prefer to adjust balance within themselves and experience their inner genders in a non dominant, more neutral way. Again, this is a choice aligned with ones inner truth.

Since personal truth is unique, these of course are not the only combinations possible, there is a vast array of possibilities of how people discover themselves and live their inner truth. Including the whole range from experimenting to transitioning their physical sex.  As long as they don't harm or force others to anything they are not aligned with, it is all natural, normal and healthy both spiritually and physically.

The integrity of a person depends largely on exploring, understanding and accepting their own inner gender - regardless of their apparent, physically manifested gender. When outer circumstances repress the inner gender, that will always result in inner misalignment in a person. A personal misalignment not only derails that persons spiritual development and subsequently influence their life choices and ultimately affect their entire life, but also unleashes a domino effect of misalignments in their environment, including the lives of other people around them. That is objectively bad for everyone. Thus, the creation of an optimal environment in which everyone can thrive and live according their deepest inner truth is of upmost priority in a healthy society.

Outer perception shall not condition the inner truth.

Bluntly put, it is non of our business how people identify, who they love or find their balance with. It is however absolutely our business to establish an environment in which people can freely evolve and live an authentic life. It isn't only our business, it is our responsibility.

Diversity is not only natural, it is also important. It offers unique and very valuable points of view and life experiences to all of us. If we ever want to understand the universe, we need to learn to be open for it. The more we understand of this, the more honest we dare to be with and about ourselves, and the more we will be able to evolve our authenticity as human beings. The limits we set to others are also our own limitations. The judgement we cast on others is also judgement on ourselves.

Mutual respect of other peoples choices about how they wish to explore and experience their inner gender is crucial if we want to live in a sustainable, healthy and thriving world.

It is an essential need of all human beings to be recognized, accepted and respected within their natural gender choices.

Gender and sexual identification is a basic human right, and should not be imposed in any way on anyone. It is not something that can be dictated by any social construct, it is an inner truth that shall come from the individual to the community and never vice versa.