The STORY - (The mind part 2)

The story of our life is constructed in the mind and serves us with a context of continuity and a sense of self. We relate to our ego, our name, our social and any other status - in short our place within the world - through our story.

Every story has a beginning and an end, and to ensure that, we have to put it into a coordinate system defined by space and time. The story needs to start at a determined point in time and space. As no two people can be born at the exact same time AND place, each storyline is unique.

Our space-time context is related to the cycles of planet we live on: the Earth.

The correlation of space and time keeps the story in movement and it forces it to evolve constantly. Our stories change coherently and just as time itself, they cannot be reversed or stopped. They evolve on a timeline.

Since we cannot stop time, it will constantly push the story forward, no matter what we do or not do. Time enforces the evolution of the story independently of our will. That means, that change in our life is by natural law inevitable. Even if we stopped in one place, close the door and remain sitting in a room for weeks and do nothing, time will push events and changes right in our way. So there is virtually no way for us to avoid change. Not doing is not really an option either, because while we might be completely inactive, we still age, our hair and nails grow, etc, the story goes on forward.

Our story on it´s timeline is unidimensional, with two tendencies from our perspective: the past and the future. Everything that happens now becomes past in the story the next instant. There is no present moment in the story, just as there is no story in the presence.

To be in the present, you need to step out of the context of the story altogether, and that is impossible in this dimension. You have to shift your consciousness to a  different plain of the self: the soul, where presence is the only reality there is. The story however remains intact on the plain of the mind.

No matter how hard you meditate and find your inner peace, you wont be able to really escape your story, there is no way you can run from it. It is and remains imprinted on the timeline of your life. Also, it is not necessary to run from it. The key here is awareness. You can be aware of the facts of your story and deal with it and at the same time on an other plain of your self, you can be aware of your presence. Just as when you are emotional about something, you can still be aware of your physical body, although it is in a different plain of the self. We should not and in fact can not detach from our story, we can however become aware of what they are and treat them accordingly. I am not part of my story, my story is part of me.

It is very important to understand that we cannot bypass our story by inventing another story and pretending to live it. It simply doesn't work that way. We have to deal with what is served to us, because that is our place in the universe. We have to chew it through emotionally and intellectually, because this is what we are here to do.

Sometimes we have difficulties dealing with our story, or parts of it. Perhaps we struggle finding closure with the past, or worry too much about the future. There are times when it seems to be almost impossible to move on from things that happened to us. In big part it is, because we get trapped in one single, emotionally overcharged and narrow perspective on the things that happen to us. Our unresolved pain clings and feeds on these narrow perspectives, making despair and fear grows inside us, until - if they remain unaddressed and unresolved - they eventually take over the control over our life completely. Our fear and pain holds us on a leash and ties us to certain parts of the story and blocking the way of any possible resolution. If we find ourselves in such a situation, from which it feels extremely difficult to move on, a change of perspective can bring a big release and open up a new path towards relief. 

Resolution is gaining understanding of a situation and making sense of it, finding true acceptance. We fear what we don't understand. We ache where we feel we are lacking something.

The intellect demands continuity and logic, so when we don't know something in our story (which is per se very difficult to accept for many people), our mind will often enough fill the gaps with made up details. Suppositions, expectations, ideas, judgements of things and people. We fear so much not knowing something that we rather invent it ourselves. That way we extrapolate these insecurities, the fear, the shame, the guilt we might feel and project them on the world and people around us. We take these inventions for objective truths and we make them part of our story.

What we need to do in order to heal, is not to detach of our story, but to understand how much of it is simply made up. How much of it is untrue. Self knowledge, is when we recognize when and why we are lying to ourselves. When and why we try to pretend our story to be something else. The truth is, that our story is unique and beautiful. We have a purpose in it, and if we make our life choices aligned with that purpose, than our story will lead us to our rightful place, to our deepest, most authentic self. It will take each of us exactly when and where we need to be.

Every life story is a challenge with many different possible outcomes. Each of them contains the possibility of completion. We cannot do whatever we want with our life. We cannot always choose freely when and where to go, and we will notice very quickly if we are going into a direction we are not supposed to go, because the story will undoubtably make us see it. It will stop us at the limits. The rules of this game are crystal clear. Even if we are unaware of them.

You have to part from a point in space and time. From the parents, circumstances, social status, race, religion, geographical place you are born into. This will define the limits and possibilities of your life-story. On the way, in your life, your story will present you with countless situations in which you will have to make choices. The choices you make will always be of two different qualities: They will either be aligned with your soul, which means choosing those, you will have to stand up for yourself and possibly do so despite your own doubts, fears, or at times go against the expectations, rules or norms other people will try to force upon you - this will be however the choice that is harmonious with your deepest inner self, and the one that will lead you toward your true purpose. A choice of harmony with your soul will require your courage, your trust in yourself, and your faith in that purpose, that only you can fulfill. The harmonious choice will most likely not be conformist, or passive, but it will be authentic and brave.

The other possible set of options will be in disharmony with your true self, and will distract you from the path that would lead you to your souls purpose. Choices you make to please others against your better judgement, trying to fit into molds that don´t agree with your core values in order to meet expectations of other people - will bring disharmony into your life (and ultimately that of the others). The choices leading to disharmony are rooted in fear. They are often second thoughts, related to regrets, doubts, despair, fear of failure, wanting too much to do things “right” as they are “supposed to be”, against what the intuition or the heart of the person would really choose. The further you get from your purpose, the more desperate and painful your story will become. It doesn't matter whatsoever what excuses you find to not pursue your true path. The narrative doesn't care. It will go on, and you will most likely suffer in it. Either way you choose, you will be ultimately responsible for how your life evolves.

Of course all this doesn't stay on an individual level. Harmony, as well as disharmony propagates from one person to the other, and spreads into incalculable chain reactions.

Just like in a body, a liver-cell has to do what a liver-cell has been designed to do, so that the liver can function correctly, so that the whole body can function correctly. If it wouldn't do its job and would start to behave like a heart-cell for example, that wouldn't make him become a heart-cell. It would make him a liver-cell that doesn't work properly. And that would make impossible for the liver to work properly too, and that again, would make the body fail as well.

With our disharmonious choices, we influence each other in a great measure. For instance, very often, in order to justify our disharmonious choices, we force others to do so too. And the more people conform with this, the more disharmony we are creating in the world.

Let´s take a moment and have a good look at the world as it is now.

The systems we live in, are designed to force us into compliance and disharmony and to keep us there. These compliance patterns are re-generating themselves over and over from generation to generation, and everyone suffers of them.

Once in a while a brave soul that decides to follow his or her true path regardless of the circumstances, comes across our way and simply by doing what they are supposed to do they lift the souls of everyone else around them for a while. Artists, scientists, humanists, explorers, architects. People we look up to for their courage and determination. They are just like you and I. They just made the - often painful and difficult - choices that truly agreed with their souls.

We all have a place here. We all have a purpose. Everyone does. 

Making harmonious choices aligned with our souls true path however, requires bravery. By choosing harmony with ourselves, we bring harmony into our story and ultimately into the world and people around us.

Our reality is shaped by our choices. Heaven and hell are both here and now. 
Hell is everyone running in circles, conforming to their own disharmony and adding disharmony to the rest of the world. 

Heaven is being in alignment with our true purpose. Becoming what we were meant to be, doing whatever we came into this life to do.

Harmony isn´t constant positivity, it isn´t lying to ourselves or to others that everything is good and swell and wonderful. Harmony is where everyone does what they are meant to do. People living the way they are meant to live from within. Creating what they are best at creating. Doing things that really matter to them. Harmony is being at the right place at the right time. Because really - this is where we belong. Just like in a symphony, each note has its own place, each voice its own melody, and all those voices sounding together make a larger and even more delightful sense. By walking our true path we provide not only for ourselves, but also for each other. Just as disharmony leads us to need and pain and suffering, harmony leads us to abundance and love and order. Same world, same people, different stories, different outcome. To choose between those options is our free will. In that sense we are choosing between heaven and hell constantly, and our reality and stories align with our choices. We all have an inner compass - our soul - that tells us what the harmonious choice is and what is not. But our mind will sabotage this compass, inventing the bits we don't know within our story. Filling the gaps with ideas and suppositions, doubts driven by fear, which will often be enough to serve as an excuse for the choices we make, even if they don't agree with our core self. Every time we act against our better judgement out of fear - we create disharmony.

We are meant to be brave. Every time we step up for our authentic selves and act from our heart, we are actively creating harmony in our lives, in our stories and those of others. 

It is up to our authenticity what this world we live in becomes. 
Wether our stories become interesting adventures or terrible nightmares.