I see humans as multidimensional sentient beings who simultaneously live, combine, operate in, and embody all the dimensions they exist in. Humans are extremely complex beings that way. No dimension is to be dismissed from human existence, they are all equally important and vital. 

That means that any aim of giving a predominant role to either of them will result in the corruption of human integrity, regardless if that dominance is given to the soul, the mind, the body or any other of the layers of human existence. We exist within time, beyond time in the now, in the cafe on the corner, as a body and as a spiritual presence all at the same time. We don't need to be enlightened for that, we are that way all the time, we are born that way, we die that way. The fact that we ignore most of the dimensions we exist in, is due to many different factors, but mostly to the fact, that we are constantly distracted and isolated from certain aspects of ourselves. From birth on, our consciousness shifts more and more from the discovery of existence, toward the narrative of our life. Very often, we get lost in that narrative, we get lost in our own life story. It´s like sitting in a movie theater watching a movie and forgetting the seat we sit in, forgetting the theater itself, forgetting our own identity, and being fully absorbed by the story on the screen as if nothing else existed or mattered.  As mentioned before, that makes one of the human dimensions dominant and the result of that is loss of human integrity, because it makes us neglect our own needs, we don't relate with the world as our heart would make us do, but rather as our mind thinks it fits into the story we are participating in. That often creates an inner conflict between what we feel and what we think and we feel force to take sides between heart and mind. When we do that, we sacrifice our inner balance and lose our integrity.

That doesn't mean that the narrative isn´t important or that it should be dismissed altogether or that it is not true and relevant. It is true, relevant and important, it is part of our experience as humans, but it´s not all there is. We cannot make sense of the world by pure mind driven logic, just as we can´t make sense of the world by pure intuition either. It is the balanced combination of those that might result in true understanding. I think we are slowly, but surely hitting the limit of one dimensional thinking, which is a very important point to realize. 

A limit, as we will see later, is always the starting point of progress. But in order for humanity to progress, I think we need to reclaim out integrity as human beings and clear some very basic human concepts in order to gain a better understanding of our place in the world. We need to get acquainted with the different dimensions of the self and expand our consciousness acknowledging and embracing it as a whole. Once we fully understand and accept ourselves, once we discover the perfection of who we are here and now, once we understand the rules of the evolution of the narrative, we will be able to start to understand the rest of the world. In my view the discovery and understanding of the self as a whole, in all its aspects together - is the key to the whole universe. 

Many people ask me about my sources, where I get the things I write about from. 

I rely on the evidence of the consistency of my ideas. It means that I put them to the test on many levels, in many different contexts and since they seem consistent to me for the time being, I write them down. However, nothing I write here is a dogma. You shouldn't take anything I say as truth, unless you can personally relate to it. Also, this is not hidden knowledge, it is something we inherently know, each of us, these are as much facts of our existence as our breathing or our blood circulation. It is common knowledge. It is nothing new and it is all pretty much in plain sight. We are just too distracted by noise to see or to hear it. The noise of the bliss of our ignorance.  

There is however one thing I regard as a universal truth, and I am more than ready to discuss it with anyone in any discipline. That one thing is progress. I believe Progress is THE universal truth which we are all after in one way or another and it´s what we need to understand in order to move forward. 

That doesn't mean we don't progress if we don't understand the very concept, we do, even if extremely slowly, but if we want to transcend our current stage of evolution, we need to understand who we are, how progress works and where we as a humanity are headed - or at least what our options are.