Economy of Growth, Ecosystem of Progress

Economy of Growth

In a closed system of limited resources to draw from, a growth oriented economy is only possible by the redistribution of those resources, that is to say taking away on one side to build wealth on the other. That way growth on one side is necessarily decrease and stagnation on the other. That makes the economy of growth uneven and unsustainable in the long run. Growth only makes sense until a full potential of productive functioning is reached, from that point growth becomes a senseless inflation and eventually the system collapses altogether.

Chasing growth into inflation destabilizes the entire system. For example an apple tree grows from a seed, till it becomes a grown tree, and when it reaches its full potential it produces fruit that can be harvested, consumed and seeded to produce more trees. It wouldn´t make sense to force it to grow further and to get bigger, as that would not necessarily result in the production of more or bigger apples, but it would destabilize the ecosystem around it, exploit nutrients from the soil and leave other plants around it resourceless. The exploited soil would cease to be fertile to the seeds of the tree and they wouldnt be able to reproduce. Eventually the huge tree would die due to the lack of resources in the exhausted soil and its reproduction would stagnate due to the loss of equilibrium of the ecosystem.  The intent of controlling growth is futile and senseless because it doesnt take balance into account, neither it is ready to face the consequences of the stagnation that growth is causing on its reverse side. Ignorance can only be a temporal aid at that, because the eventual collapse is inevitable.  In a system of growth everything organizes around the object of growth and submits ist energy to it. This results in the exhaustion of those who are serving it. Also those who submit to this process, neglect their own evolution, so the ecosystem becomes poorer, less diverse, filled with elements that have lost their purpose in the whole. They become aimless and drained, because they are all individually halted in their own evolution. 

A fitting example of how the senseless, unbalanced growth corrupts a whole system would be the forming of cancerous tumors in the human body.
Cancer is accumulative growth, the cancerous cell submits more and more other cells to participate in the tumor building process, and in the meantime they neglect their own original function, creating an unhealthy ecosystem, that soon will have fatal consequences for the whole body. The human body isn´t supposed to grow partially, focusing all energies at one particular organ, because all organs are interdependent within a bigger system, they all are part of. The body can only function properly, if every organ, each and every cell does its own job at its own pace on its own special way. A bigger liver, or a bigger heart doesn´t make anybody a superhuman, it just makes a person sick. That same pattern applies to the economy of growth. It makes society as a whole sick, because while its members serving an aimless and senseless growth and channeling all their energies to it, they neglect themselves and cannot function properly in their own special ways. That creates deficit and lack of energy and resources on an unimaginable scale, and pushes humanity into its collapse. We cannot function properly together if we are not functioning properly individually. But just as a seed needs soil, water and sunshine to evolve into a plant, human beings need conditions in order to be able to discover their own place and function in the whole. In a system of growth these conditions are inherently and intentionally not granted. A society of growth submits all its energy, all its resources to growth itself. In such a system it is completely counterproductive to evolve as free individuals because the system regards its members as human capital in service of growth. In such a system education, knowledge and human skills are all aligned to service growth with further human capital and not the other way around. 

The bottom line is, that the more growth we produce, the more deficite we create, and the more inbalanced our societies become, the more vulnerable and weak we become as a humanity. 

Ecosystem of Progress

In a progress based ecosystem, growth happens as an even and balanced expansion. 

The progress of the whole ecosystem depends on the successful progress of the individuals within it. Therefore it is of highest common interest, that each of its components are awknoledged, their individual growth is nurtured and their wellbeing is assured. This is equally true to the living, as to the non living components - such as the responsible treatment of the soil, water, air, etc - of the ecosystem.  Humans are abundant sources of creativity and intelligence, each on their own special way, who by being aligned with their purpose and doing their own work, not only participate in - but actively propell the progress of the whole. Diversity is an asset of key importance to maintain a healthy ecosystem, because our diferent points of view, different approaches of issues, different cultural heritages, if accounted together make us stronger and much more versatile as a whole, better prepared for any eventuality. A non diverse society is way more vulnerable and ill prepared to face possible adversities.

While in a system of growth many are generating profit for one, in the ecosystem of progress many benefit of the work of each and every member of its society.  For that reason, individual personal integrity and evolution is paramount.

Someone, doing their job from their own passion and motivation, with enthusiasm, pride of integrity and a feeling of purpose, is an infinitely more valuable and rich resource for the rest of the society, than someone that is drained and feels aimless, doing a job they are forced to do, in order to make profit for a faceless company in a world that is crumbling away under their feet. 

A society in that everyone loves what they do, becuse it is indeed what they were born to do in the first place, is the basis of an abundant and prosperous world. Human autenthicity, passion and enthusiasm are the capital progress is based on. Individual progress is common wealth of which everyone benefits and which makes global progress possible. Since it is benefitial for all, it is sustainable. Once the dynamic of progress is understood and enrolled, progress itself becomes exponentially a reality. 

If we have made any progress up untill now, it is thanks to those who were brave and bold enough not to submit to the demands the mentality of growth or other systems of dominant oppression, and instead listened to their calling and followed their own path against the fierce resistance and rejection of the rest of society, which was always ready to justify its lack of integrity and fearfulness by oppressing any individual effort. It is only thanks to the tireless individual passion, that humanity has evolved at all, and it had always been a fight of the brave against the masses of conformity. Every inventor, scientist, artist, writer, architect, genious that brought inovation had to fight their way through hardship, they all had to wrestle with selfdoubt and rejection, they all needed to be tough enough to build themselves up again and again often from scratch, just to do what they felt as their calling, regardless of the difficulties because they were not willing to sacrifice their integrity. Their passion and curiosity drove them further and further on their paths. It is about time we start to honor them for that by understanding and acknowledging, that their work contributed the the progress of all.