New Physics

 “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”  – Nikola Tesla


Re-definition of physics:

New physics observes the changes of existing absolute energy in its relative aspects. 


Absolute existing energy is defined by the sum of all it´s possible relative interpretations. Absolute existing energy repeats its patterns in each of its relative interpretations, thus it is consistent in all of them.

The existence of a relative interpretation of energy is proof for the existence of one absolute energy of which it is part of.

The mathematical expression of absolute existing energy is the transcendent number Pi.


percieavable/interpretable properties - effect - direction - affinity 

Physics is the study of the constant changes of absolute energy in its relative aspects, involving:

  • its percievable/interpretable properties, which can be percieved by an observer in form of image, sound, mass, smell, taste and resonance. The perceavability of energy depends on the means of its interpretation the observer has. Energy we don´t (yet) know how to interpret, is not percievable to us. Nevertheless, it still exists, and affect us in a direct or indirect ways.   
  • its effect, which is the measurable property of energy. The effect of a relative     energy can always be measured - given the adecuate instruments to do so -, even if we have no mean to percieve/interpret it.

  • its direction, which determines it´s own proper timeline. 
  • and its affinity, which is the common property, that energy shares in all its relative interpretations as part of one absolute energy. Affinity can be understood as a tendency for balance by propagation based on the common ground (common source) of its different stages of change. Affinity determines which version of reality an observer percieaves of all the existing possibilities.

    The perception of color for example is determined by the affinity of light with the different frequencies of relative energy.


all these are properties of energy. 

The constant change of energy is enforced by the law of progress.

Physics is not about the material world because no such thing exist in absolute terms. The material world is an interpretation, created in the mind of those who are observing it and/or percieving it´s effects. We percieve the interpretable properties of energy as material world. We can interpret those with our five plus one senses, or we can interpret them by extending our senses with tools, machines, microscopes, telescopes, computers, whatever we can invent and construct. 

Existence is energy. Reality is our interpretation of the changes of existing energy, that we - depending of the availability or lack of instruments - can or cannot observe as percievable reality, but of which effects we can - given the correct instruments - measure, regardless of their observability or the lack thereof. 

Only the perceavable property of energy depends on its interpretability, its effect, direction and affinity doesn´t. 

The change of existing energy always has an effect, a direction and an affinity even if it - due to the lack of instruments - isn`t percievable to us. 

The existing but uninterpreted energy has no mass or any other interpretable property. Only effect, direction and affinity.


The theory can be proved with Young's Double Slit Experiment.

The original experiment shows, that by projecting white light through a double slit to a wall, when observed, the light will show a white projection of particles on the wall, and when unobserved, it will produce a wave interference pattern on the wall. 

Scientists currently interpret, that this phenomena is a dual behaviour of light. That it behaves differently when observed and differently, when not. 

In my view, and according to this theory however, light has no behaviour whatsoever. 

White light is energy. As such, it has four attributes: perciavable/interpretable property, effect, direction and affinity. 

The interpreted visual property of white light energy are photons. This is what we see as particles when we visually observe white light.

The effect of white light energy is color. When we dont look at the light and so don´t interpret it as a photon, it will still have an effect. Because as stated before, the change of existing energy always has an effect. Even is we choose not to, or cannot interpret it in a percievable way. However color as effect can only be observed when the experiment is done with absence of daylight, since if it is done by daylight, the color effect is already percieved in the environment anyway and won´t be recognized as a separate event, only as waves interferences. 

This experiment proves that the change of existing energy always has a measurable effect, even if it has no interpreted/percieved property. 




Time is the direction of energy, not a dimension.

Time has a measurable quantity and a percievable effect.

Time in terms of quantity regards measurable time as the measure of duration of events and intervals. 

The effect (or quality) of time is gravity.


Direction is an attribute that all relative energy has. Not only space.  Albert Einstein regarded time and space in a unified way, in which he was right, but not only space has a direction. All existing energy has.

That means, that all existing energy has its own gravity, and thus its own timeline.

Gravity is produced by cyclic movement.

Different cyclic energy changes produce a different time perception. This is why trees live longer than humans and bees shorter. The same amount of time passes slower for a denser energy and quicker to the less denser. 

That also means that by manipulating individual gravities we can accelerate or desaccelerate the perception of time. This could have a huge practical impact on space travel and transportation in general. But it also offers understanding in other areas, for example in medicine, showing that for people with hypertension time passes slightly faster, so they die earlier than those with a low blood pressure and a slower way of life. It has many application in different disciplines. 

All the timelines of existing energy are relative. Relative also in the sense that they relate with each other. Even two people with different blood pressure, probably experience a different time perception. Since it is the circulation of their blood, that produces the gravitatory effect. 

Gravity thus isn´t a force, its the tendecy of progress.
Newton´s proverbial apple doesn't fall to the ground because of physical attraction between two masses (in this case the apple and the earth), but because falling to the ground is its path of progress to reproduce and start the next cycle.
Gravity is the path of least resistance.

The law of Progress

The properties of energy according to their stages of progress:

  • Direction
  • Resonance
  • Affinity
  • Percievable property, (provided we have the correct instruments of interpretation. 

A percievable property can be interpreted as image, sound, smell, taste, mass or sensed as electromagnetic field or radiation, depending on the method of its interpretation.) 

Existing energy is absolute. It is the sum of all known and unknown universes in all of their complexity and variations.

Absolute existing energy changes in cycles, the end of each cycle is the beguinning of the next one. It never stops or turns back, thus it is progressive.  The stages of the changes of existing energy within a cycle are:


This is the way our Universe and within it our consciousness has evolved.

In the beginning, at T=0 existing absolute energy is non-dual and very small.

The non-duality of absolute energy is its LIMIT. 

In order to transcent this limit, absolute energy splits into relative aspects (Big bang) and becomes polarized and dual.  
The effect of this duality, is that absolute energy continuosly EXPANDS.
The effect of the expansion of polarized energy, is DIRECTION. The direction of energy is TIME 
The effect of the expansion together with direction and polarization, is RESONANCE. Resonance is the tendency of progress, expressed by gravity.

The effect of resonance  is AFFINITY. It is the filter that determines the perception of the world - what parts are percieved and what parts are ignored.
The effect of affinity is PERCIEVED REALITY. The world as we know it, interpreted by the means we have, at any moment in time.

The effect of percievable reality is the realization, that there is more to the world than what is percieved. This is the NEXT LIMIT, the stage we are at now. Progress will push us to transcend this next limit by EXPANSION, and the cycle continues on and on, on the path of progress. 



In the beginning, at T=0, existig absolute enegry is non-dual.

That non-duality is the LIMIT to absolute energy. The cause for the phenomena we call the Big Bang, is this limit.  In order to transcend this limit, absolute energy splits up into many relative dual aspects of itself and begins to EXPAND.  The expansion gives the relative aspects of energy their own DIRECTION. Direction of relative energy is Time. This direction causes movement, and due to the dual nature of the relative energy this movement is rotational. This rotation movement of the different aspects of energy cause different states of RESONANCE. Resonance produced by rotational movement is Gravity. The effect of the presence of resonance determines the AFFINITY of relative energy. Relative aspects of energy that  share affinity with other relative aspects, create a REALITY, that is PERCEAVABLE, to those who share this affinity.  Percieavability however needs an observer. Energy that is without the range of shared affinity, stays out of perspecive of the observer and thus stays unobserved. This is what we call “dark energy”. The moment we get aware of the existence of “dark energy”, percieavable reality represents the NEXT LIMIT to transcend.

In mathematics this cycle is expressed by the Fibonacci series.

In geometry: Fractals, or expanding symmetry

In biology: The circle of life.

The ever evolving pattern of Progress is to be found in EVERY aspect and in every discipline of human life and of the universe.