I have a message for You

Dear warmhearted, loving human being.

I am writing you just to let you know that you are not alone. 

I know how much energy and hard work you spend in order to be there for others, to share your light, to ease others pain, to melt and warm their frozen hearts. 

I know the people who are more in need than you are, sometimes fail to see what you do for them, and I´m sure you know that this isn´t a chosen blindness. 
Nevertheless it´s blindness and I know sometimes it hurts you. 

I know it hurts when people are unable to see you for what you are, when they see their own projections in you and treat you wrong.

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This place

This place is meant to be a help for helpers. People on their way to awakening who start to grasp that we have a lot in common, that we have a lot to do with each other, that we are responsible, that life doesnt just randomly happens, but is shaped by actions, thoughs and intentions. For those, who dont find ignorance a bliss anymore. For those who are searching for their own light and for those who have already found it and wish to share it. For those searching for answers that rise more new questions, exploring the hight and depth of our existence. 


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